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Amazing Ella

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Alyssa Keel

From two pounds to tree pose

Ella and her twin sister Raegan faced incredible challenges even before being born. Mono mono twins, the girls not only shared a placenta but also an amniotic sac. At only 29 weeks, the girls were delivered via emergency C-Section. At birth, Ella suffered a grade four brain bleed and two days later, she almost left the earth, but fought hard and not only just survived, but has thrived every day since. Ella has hydrocephalus, fluid on the brain, and Cerebral Palsy as a result of her brain bleed. Ella and I have been told a lot of things she may never do; walk, sit, dance, or talk. But Ella is as stubborn as her mother and through everything, Ella giggles and tries her hardest and proves that there's no accounting for sass in medical prognoses. Yes, things are harder, and Ella cannot sit or walk on her own, but this girl is so determined, I won't put anything past her. At her preschool, Ella does yoga. My Amazing Ella, born too soon, a fighter from the beginner, in tree pose, smiling. My Amazing Ella, my constant reminder that life is never as planned, and that even the smallest being can have such a huge impact on the world, one smile at a time.

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