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Our Little Bear and his Lucky Fin

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Jordan Peterson

Koda Bay

The moment Koda was born I knew this little boy was going to change lives. And he absolutely has. As his mom I completely forget that he only has one hand. He has met every milestone with flying colors and only when others comment on his nub do I remember his special difference. People are naturally curious and almost every time we go to the park there are curious stares and many questions/comments. Most of the time they are simple, kind, wondering questions. Sometimes they aren't very gentle or kind. But it is always an opportunity to exemplify and teach how awesome diversity is! We strive to make sure Koda always sees his little body as a beautiful miracle and blessing to himself and others. My most favorite memory of our family embracing Koda's sweet nub is a time we were walking through Target. Koda was pretty tiny and we were still figuring out fun ways to respond to questions and have fun with everything. I was wearing Koda on my front and a couple walked by...staring. My husband looked at us...then at the couple...and then back at us in terror. "Babe????! Where did his hand go????!"....as he frantically starts looking around the floor. The joy and love Koda will teach is unfathomable. Watching this little boy grow is such a reward.

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