yoocan - Hunter Pochop - Handcycling to the top with Spina Bifida
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Handcycling to the top with Spina Bifida

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Hunter Pochop

Hunter is not letting Spina Bifida hold him down in life!

You can find 11-year old Hunter Pochop doing one of his many favorite things...on the court playing basketball, at the beach surfing, riding his bike around the neighborhood, reading anything he can get his eyes on, or hangin' at the skatepark with his buddies. He's not doing these things like most kids. He loves his wheelchairs, hand cycle, and adapted surfboard. Hunter was born with Spina Bifida and hydrocephalus, has had 19 surgeries and requires most activities to be adapted for him to fully participate, but that doesn't stop him for even a minute! Hunter is full of life and is one of the happiest kids around!


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