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Second Chance

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Jasmine Haywood


March 26, 2016 is the day that the devil thought he had me.. But God said no.. The whole time I was laying in the woods I knew God was with me. I didn't feel any pain. I knew right away I was paralyzed because I couldn't move my legs... The first couple of days in the hospital was a blur. On the strongest pain meds you can find.. A tube in my stomach. Rods in my spine and glass still falling out of the skin on my back. Months of agonizing pain with physical therapy. I had to learn how to sit up again, tie my shoes, get dressed, brush my teeth, do my hair all over again .. I had to wear the most uncomfortable back brace for twelve weeks .. I cried, I got angry, I yelled, I cursed but not once did I complain ... My mouth couldn't even open to complain because although I was in the hardest point in my life.. I still had LIFE..

On this day I realized that life is more than turning up every weekend or running the streets .. It's more than worrying about who is doing what with who . On this day I didn't lose anything except my ability to walk, BUT I gained strength, endurance, faith, consistency, and AMBITION.

Y'all my ambition so strong and solid now. I want to do more now than I did before I was injured. Some may think ones life should be sad, depressing and worthless without the ability to walk.. But you know what?  Mine isn't. I'm comfortable with myself, I swear I'm about the finest thing Rollin 😂 but let me tell y'all something .. This my life lesson .. And believe me when I tell ya I'm gettin up out of this chair .. And I'll NEVER forget the person that it made me 💪🏾♿️ #JasmineStrong #SCIAWARENESS #WheelTalk

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