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The power of the mind

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Linda Calderon

My Story

My life took a turn for the worse when I was 17. I was studying to became a musical artist. I've always identified myself with my physical body, and loved to use it to its' fullest.  Before I got sick, I had almost never even visited the doctor. I was given different diagnoses and a lot of medications. It took four years before I got the right one. I was diagnosed with a muscle disorder called Centronuclear Myopathy.  My body couldn't develop any new muscle cells.

My Life Fell Apart

It felt like my life was over. What was the meaning of me even being alive? Why was I even born?   For many years I felt that I was living someone else's life. It felt like I was a prisoner in someone else's body. This was not the life I had planed for my self. I felt like a burden to society, no one wanted to hire a sick person, and I lived on welfare. I focused on everything that I couldn't do. For many years I was hospitalized once a year on different wards. Everything felt so hopeless and I really couldn't see any light at all. It was tough to say the least. I was and still am at some point a controlling person and I am a person who always has a solutions to problems. This I couldn't solve, I couldn't get rid of my illness. The pain I felt when I thought about that will always be like this and thought that it will get worse was excruciating.

Then in 2008 I came to a point in my life when I decided I had to make a choice. Either I end this life because this is not the life I wanted to live, or I have to change and live this life I've been given and live it to the fullest after my abilities.  I chose life.

I Chose Life

I started practicing yoga and the love for myself and my body started to grow stronger and stronger. I became one with my body and soul. I moved to India and practiced yoga when it was cold in Sweden. I've been living in Goa since 2013. This winter I stayed home in Sweden, because I've started to study psychology at university.

Today I live in peace and harmony with my body and soul, and I'm so grateful for this gift called life. This is the vehicle/body my soul chose this time, and it's beautiful and amazing. I have one life in this body and I really want to live this life to its' fullest.  I'm so much more than my physical body. Today 'Im working as a life and soul coach. I want to guide people through life and help them find their own keys to a happy and fullfiling life, and to live in peace and harmony with themself. 

Linda Calderon

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