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Life with Indya Darling

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Kayla Kamalamalama

Our Sweet Indya

Our daughter was born at 29 weeks, a tiny 2lbs 15.6oz. We were in the Honolulu, Hawaii Kaiser NICU for about 75 days, as our daughter grew. When she was born it was the first time learning about her Limb Differences (lucky fins) her left hand has a few fused fingers, her right hand has a few short and fused fingers, and then her left foot is missing her big toe. As first time parents when Indya, was born we knew she was going to be a very special little girl in this world.

Now at a whopping 22lbs at 8 Months old she has continued to overcome many milestones. We are so thankful to have her in our lives, she is always smiling and very strong willed. Although at times we get frequent stares from little children & even adults, we try to stay positive and share with them her story and let them know just how far of a journey she has had already. As she was in the NICU, we would always have this saying on her Board "IMUA INDYA!" In hawaiian this word IMUA means to MOVE FORWARD  or GO THE DISTANCE, and so far we believe that she has done so. We continue everyday to remind her how Beautiful she is, how strong she is, and that as long as she stays  determined she can overcome any obstacles. She is our joy, she is our blessing, She is our Indya Darling.

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