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Anything Is Possible

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Nicole Velazquez

The Horrible News

Hi there! My name is Nicole, I'm from Puerto Rico and on April 6, 2013 my life changed completely. I was a very healthy 22 year old, I was a student of Chemical Engineering and had two jobs, but one morning I started feeling a LOT of pain on my neck and my arms began to numb. I went to the hospital and in less than six hours I was completely paralyzed from my neck down. I was diagnosed with Transverse Mielitis. The doctors told my mom that I had only 5% chance of living and if I stayed alive I was going to stay practically a vegetable.

God Had Other Plans

I was in intensive care for about two months, connected to a ventilator and not being able to move or talk. Doctors kept telling my mom that there was no chance of me surviving, but one day I started moving one of my fingers and then one of my legs and suddenly there was hope. I was hospitalized for seven months. After that I went to a Rehabilitation Hospital where they helped me immensely. I started moving more, talking and being more and more independent. Nowadays I'm able to walk with a walker and do pretty much anything by myself. I'm still in physical therapy, but I believe that I can get even better. The importance in our situation is to stay positive, believe in yourself and never lose faith in God.

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