yoocan - Marcela - Never give up. Embrace yourself and empower others.
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Never give up. Embrace yourself and empower others.

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My journey after SCI

My name is Marcela. I'm originally from Perú. I sustained a spinal cord injury when I was 20 years old due to a car accident. The guy who was driving my car was drinking and driving. My boyfriend passed away and I lost my left leg at the time of the accident. It took me a lot of time to adapt to my new life. My journey wasn't the most beautiful, but thanks to my journey I learned how much I'm capable of. I went to school, got a degree, got married, had a kid, and live my life like everyone else. I love adaptive sports. I play sled hockey, I waterski, seatski, and do other sports. I love to workout and take care of myself. I love to travel and meet people in my community. I am a board member for the United Spinal TN chapter, so I volunteer my time to bring the Abled community together and help one another. My motto is never give up and I believe I can achieve. Xoxo!


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