yoocan - Tim Goward - You walk, I roll: SCI Recovery Story
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You walk, I roll: SCI Recovery Story

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Tim Goward

Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Story

Hi my names Tim and I'm 30 years old. I have a 6 year old son and a 2 year old daugther, which are my partners to a previous relationship. However, I look at them like my own. I live in Moss Vale, NSW Australia. I'm happily in love with my girlfriend. I study part time doing a bachelors degree in Social Work. I also enjoy heaps of activities and my chair hasn't stopped me from fishing, boating, camping or anything! My goal is to help other people with disabilities like myself. 

My life drastically changed 4 years ago when I conpressed my spine c6 c7 on Australia Day on a water slide.  My friend landed on my head. I spent 12 months in hospital, 3 months in intensive care, and 7 months in rehab. I used to be a Landscape Designer and Bar Manager, so do not ever think you cant change or succeed in life.  

I turned my life around and it was hard... but I never gave up!

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