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Positivity is key! Living a life with scoliosis

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Chazèlle Horn

This is Me ❤

Hi there! My name is Chazélle and I have been a paraplegic for 10 years now! I was born with scoliosis (a 78 degree curve). I walked till the age of 11 and slowly became paralysed. I believe everything happens for a reason. I'm on a mission to complete my bucket list and I always look for the positive in every situation. Everyday is still a challenge but I focus on the good and try to live as normal as possible... I work, I drive my own car, I dive, I 4x4 with family, go camping, wakeboarding, go-karting etc. I'm healthy and grateful! And I need to add I couldn't have done this without my Dad, Mom, family and friends. They are my highest support structure and I am forever thankful for all that they have done!

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