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Andrew Johnson

Know Thyself

Over the years, I have come to living with Autism, ADHD, and Language Process Disorder, and yet, I have accomplished more than anyone can imagine. I create stories that help me, I edit videos from many platforms, and my dream job is to be part of Hollywood through the Post-Production department.  I started with New York 1 News as an editor, and since they were impressed by my work there, they gave me priviledges to edit Movie Reviews of Owen Gleiberman EW, and I did four of them. (Ranging from Project Nim, Cowboys and Aliens, The Devil's Double, and The Magic Trip), I continued my work beyond anyone's dreams. I worked for Beastly Productions, and my boss, Zach Valenti gave me priviledges of working on Adobe Premiere. It was an awesome experience. The more I learned along the way, the more I learned about myself. I wanted to have more jobs in the Post-Production department. After that, I worked for Dramatic Health where I got to add and replace logos using After Effects. Now I am working for AdaptLab Productions. I'm happy for who I am, a Video Editor

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