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I Write Throughout History

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I am Dyseliexic and am on the Asberger Spectrum. In 1995 for my High School maginze, I wrote a poem. Being that the poem I wrote was on my favorite subject baseball, I decided to write more just for fun.

These poems have grown to 400, 500, 600+.  After a decade of being told how creative they were and then finding out about self publishing, I decided to take some of them and publish a book of poetry. Being it was based on Baseball, I had to check all the spelling and limit myself to only five special fonts when I usually use more. I called the book "Rhymes on first Lymerics on Second and I don't know the Stanzas"

The book was fully unveiled in April 2006 just in time for a new season. Yes I do know I accidently forgot the then Champions Chicago White Sox for the book.

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