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Denis Nogueira - Overcoming limits

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Denis Nogueira

New way, new life

Hi. My name is Denis Nogueira, I was born in 1988 and I live in São José do Rio Preto/SP, Brazil. In 11/02/2009 I went diving in a waterfall and hit my face at the bottom of the river and suffered spinal cord injury, C5. When I got to the hospital, the doctors told my parents that I injured the cervical spine, I became quadriplegic and I would never move anything from the neck down. I was hospitalized for 15 days and could not eat or sleep. I lost a lot of weight, started to wear a diaper, could not urinate, I was just bedridden and could not sit down. I had a wound so big that one hand fit inside it and only healed after 1 year and 8 months and during that time I was bedridden. Today I can already urinate alone, I do rehabilitation daily and the doctors said that one day I will walk again. I can play the keyboard even without moving my hands and fingers. I can say: "I am a miracle". I travel the country doing lectures on motivation and overcoming. Instagram: @denisnogueiraoficial Snap: nogueira_denis

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