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From DJ T Pearl to Tia Pearl WCMX!

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Tia Pearl

I'm not the best writer

6 years ago I had an emergency hernia repair that changed my life forever. I'm very thankful that I survived that traumatic night because a hernia can kill you. However, I never thought I would wake up the next day and be partially disabled. I went into surgery thinking I was going to fix an issue and came out with a whole new issue that would change my life forever.

For almost half my life I was a hip-hop dancer specializing in footwork and I was a skateboarder. Everything I did had to do with skateboarding and dance. I just really couldn't get enough of either of them, I even started a DJ business instead of going to college where I became the dancing DJ and taught everyone the moves! After my injury I had a lot of numbness, tingling and pain in my abdomen and left leg. My surgeon insisted it would ease in time and go right back to normal but that wasn't the case. He even began avoiding me which really told me that he made a mistake he couldn't own up to.

So years later I have moved on to accepting the nerve damage I had in my leg and the fact that every day my leg loses more and more function. I am so grateful that I have WCMX! I am so happy that I found WCMX through Aaron Wheelz Fotheringham! I'm so thankful I found a great wheelchair company SeanCo Custom Wheelchairs. Without them I don't even know where I would be today! Not being able to skateboard or dance drove me crazy, I'm a pretty talented artist but drawing just didn't ease my mind the way physical activity did! WCMX was seriously a life-changer and I couldn't be happier to find myself again through a brand new sport!

Please check me out at #TiaPearlWCMX! I have also started a WCMX vlog and the link is in my bio on instagram. Thanks for reading!

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