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Love it. Hate it. Learn from it.

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Disabled, but never stopped.

When I was younger there were times where I asked why can't I do this or that with or like the other kids. I would cry and fuss because I thought it wasn't fair that I had to sit back and watch. I didn't understand why I couldn't join. I didn't see the chair that was visible to the eye of another. When the chair started to become more and more noticeable I also started taking it for granted for years until I realized that it was a gift. To be able to know what I was born with, but to learn that I'm not held captive by it or the chair itself. Now older, it is seen as a blessing. A gift that can become a voice. I am no longer that little girl who wonders why not and how come. I'm the woman who's beginning to know what can be possible and how can it be done. That little girl is always going to question my ability, but my actions to silence the doubts is just motivation.

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