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Miracle Moments

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Natalie Roberts Mazzeo

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take!

Hello world!   My name is Natalie, proud Mum of Grace (7) and Chiara (4). Yoocan discovered our daughter via Instagram and asked us to share a little bit about our story, so here it goes:   My youngest daughter Chiara suffered a stroke and as a result is unable to sit, stand, walk or talk.   Yet despite all her challenges she meets each day with a massive smile of adventure. We have travelled to all the corners of the earth to access the latest neurological treatment to help her reach her full potential.   The first few years of Chiara’s life were spent in and out of hospitals, requiring operations to treat her clubfoot and hips as well as many tests, therapies and specialist appointments. This meant that our eldest daughter Grace also had to come along to many of these adventures, and soon it became common place. This was just how family life rolled for us.  It took a while for us all to get over the initial grief and shock of her diagnosis and shorter life expectancy, but over time that shifted into determination to not only help our little girl but to create the best life possible for us all.

There is such a strong sense of mystical and magical adventure with our daughters' journey, we never know what miracles may unfold in the future. She might start to talk one day, she might even learn to walk? Who know's but whatever happens, we'll be by her side every step of the way. 

Recently she learnt how to sit by kneeling on her own which was the most amazing day ever! I felt like we had just won tattslotto. Seriously a micro-milestone is a huge champagne popping event in our home!

The beautiful thing about Chiara’s diversity is that it has connected us to the most amazing people and taught us how to be resilient, hopeful and full of love. That alone is one of the biggest blessings we have been given, ever since Chiara arrived into our world.

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