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Creative and Adapted

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Khin Paing

Anger, Emotional & Strength

My name is Khin T Paing.  I was born and raised in Burma.  When I was one year old, I was sick and the doctor gave me a shot.  I got Polio on my left side from my hip to leg.  Whenever I walk, I limp. I moved to the United States of America when I was 24.  I struggled a lot but I get through everything.  I graduated from Otis Art & Design as a painter.  I joined YMCA and finally became a water aerobic teacher.  I joined the US Master team for swimming a few years ago.  From now and then I have participated in paralympic swimming events.  I became an Impressionist and Abstract painter and muralist.  I am a painter, adapted swimmer and water aerobic teacher.  I am looking forward to more opportunities in my life.

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