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The Cure Map

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קלסי ומדלן

Our Mission:

This is a quest for answers. It’s a leap into the unknown driven by passion. There are no guarantees. We might not even like what we find; many within our community say this is a fool’s errand, that the cure is a false hope, a myth. But we believe there is hope for all of us living with a spinal cord injury–all of us who have lost something and simply want it back. But how does one find the way without a map? Our mission is to hit the road and create what we call, The Cure Map, because there’s a story of immense struggle and hidden possibilities waiting to be woven together. With a camera in hand, we will be conducting a series of interviews with researchers and people throughout the Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) community as a way to expose, educate, unite and empower in efforts to expedite a cure.

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