yoocan - Anna Sikes - From the Scary Diagnosis of Down Syndrom came a ray of sunshine
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From the Scary Diagnosis of Down Syndrom came a ray of sunshine

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Anna Sikes

Born With Down syndrome

We had no idea this child was going to change our lives so deeply. We had two boys already and she was just the pink in our sea of blue. When she was born to us, she was a perfect little 8lb bundle of cuteness, but I immediately saw it....no one would confirm it or even mention it, but I saw it...Down syndrome!!

The Down Syndrome Shock sets in

I cried for weeks after the doctor finally called and verified the Down syndrome diagnosis! All the dreams I had for this girl of ours was gone. No pageants, no cheering, no softball, no scholar student, no proms, no weddings. Nothing! I just couldn't understand it. I read everything I could find and well that was scary all together.

A light finally broke through: Coming to Terms With The Down Syndrome Diagnosis

Finally we met a doctor who put it all into perspective. When she was six weeks old we met a geneticists, who said "I don't feel sorry for you" and "stop reading". He said " She's perfect and if you love her and treat her like you do your other children, she will be just fine! Things will happen at their own pace but they will happen". We left that day with a whole new outlook on her life and on our life!!

Living life to the fullest with Down Syndrome

Since that day, we have let her live her life, her way, and at her own pace. Anna is now 16! She a cheerleader, a softball player, she has placed in several pageants, she's attended many dances, she's an exceptional student!! She attends all main stream classes and was just inducted to the National Senior Beta club. She is a friend to many! She's met every goal set for her and met it with so much courage and strength! This is all because we did not focus on her having Down syndrome, but let her live life and expected her to do great things. (The same as our other boys). She has three brothers now, wants to model, participates in some fashion shows locally, and has big dreams.

Always find light in the darkness

If I could tell you anything I have learned from this life my daughter lives, it is never ever count someone out because of a diagnosis/ Down syndrome or what you think you know! These exceptional people have so much to offer this world. They just need someone to believe in them. I am a believer!!

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