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How much can you handle? Is there a limit? Can I do it?

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Alexandra Duran

Here is my 43 year medical record...!

Some of us/you have one or more illnesses that we have to deal/dealt or will deal with for the rest of our lives. Honoring International Women's Day, I want to summarize my 43 years medical records! I have been through a lot.. it's been like a never ending story.. when I think I'm done ... booooom!!!! I get hit again... its like the saying "God gives the toughest battles to the best warriors" ONLY That God may have confused me with Rambo or Macgyver. Why? I don't know.. and honestly I stopped asking that question... it's just a waste of time. It never helped me move forward, it kept me looping in the present and definitely stopped me from moving forward. Soooo, today, ladies/teens/girls/moms and whom ever wants join.... let's celebrate by sending #hope #faith #happiness #GIVElove ❤️ amor ❤️ amour ❤️amore.... DON'T EVER NEVER GIVE UP! 💪 Last but not least... I simply want to say that no matter how long or short the list is nothing can stop you!

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