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You don't need a perfect body to be perfect

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About Me

Hello, My name is Pavitra and I'm 18 years old. I was born without legs and lived for 5 years in India. Then I was adopted by a couple from Belgium who are now my parents. They also adopted my younger sister three years after me. She was born without legs, but she also hasn't got hands.

New Life

I'm very greatfull that they brought us to Belgium and have given us a lot of opportunities. it's not always easy to live with a disability. Sometimes you have to fight in a society to find your place. You need a lot of courage to try something new, so I began to climb and swim. This is where I found my place and I can be who I really am.

At this moment

At this moment I'm a Belgium champignon in para-climbing and swimming. I'm very proud of myself and I hope I can move further in these sports so I can inspire other people.

At last

At last I want thank my parents who have given me a fantastic life and all the people who believe in me. My message for you - You don't need a perfect body to accomplish something. FIGHT is the keyword. Life is not always easy but you can make it easier by fighting! Thanks for reading my story! xx

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