yoocan - Elke Lale van Achterberg - I am proud to be a robot!!!
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I am proud to be a robot!!!

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Elke Lale van Achterberg

Look mother a robot!!!

This is what I hear every day. The most people will think I don’t like it when people say things like this. But actually I do like it. I am proud to be a “robobt”! I have a prostetic leg and most people know the covered one that looks like a normal leg but I don’t cover my leg. Mine looks like a “robot”. For me my prostetic is an expresion of who I am but also an eye catcher in my outfit. I show my character with my prostetic to give it my own twist. The best thing about my leg is the uper part! There are whole flowers over it in my favorite colors red, white and black. But that's not all, I also paint my nails, make my own ankle bracelets and wear high heels.

I want to show that you don”t have to be in shame when you are “different”. Most of the time you can see my leg why would I pretend like I have a leg when I don’t have one. I also think that it is importent that children know what it is. I hope that a prostetic or wheelchair will be normal in the future. That people don’t stare at you or say things like: "your leg is shocking for other people." I have heard the strangest things. For example, childeren who start crying and scream "Mommie, there is a robot in the grocerie store" or people who stare at you and say "What the hell is that?"  But I also get a lot of cool reactions and the best one is: "Look mother a robot!!!" Yes, I have a robot leg and I am proud of it! I am proud to be a robot!!!


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