yoocan - Anastacia Lucia Elisabeth Ayo Middleton Skov - Athlete to Happy Handicap
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Athlete to Happy Handicap

חסר תרגום בשפה עברית. מוצגת שפה אנגלית

Anastacia Lucia Elisabeth Ayo Middleton Skov

From a Royal Ballet Dancer, to an Elite Gymnast Happy to be a Wheelchair User

When I was 2 years old I started dancing, and as the years went by I was 6 years old and became a ballet dancer at Jeg Royal Theater in Denmark. Due to my Scoliosis, I had to stop ballet and started Standard Latin Dance again. My mom couldn't handle that I was a good performer, so she took away all my dance and music and didn't even allow me to hear or sing music.  Instead I became an elite gymnast, but I hated it because I missed dancing - I had no other choices.  I had to train myself not be at my home. I still have some problems with my mom and that is because she has some mental problems that make her dangerous. I was training to survive and not to be good :P I was training 3 times a day 7 times a week :P

As you can imagine, my body couldn't take it and I crashed and broke my back.  Besides that I was sick all the time, I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, heart problems and other stuff that we first found out when I was 17 years old.  I also couldnt walk at all and I had to use a wheelchair, so that is where I'm sitting now. Due to all my traumas I have been through, I also have PTSD.

When I was 17 years old, I moved to a high school a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG way from home and I started my musical experience. I got all the big roles and loved it, but I became sicker so i had to stop. At that time I was 18 years old and no longer my parents' problem, so I was in the middle of nowhere with no place to live and no money and was sicker than ever...so I moved in with a friend.

At the same time I got a role at the Royal Theater!!! <3 That is where I met my boyfriend who is a stuntman and a stagefighter.  I moved straight in with him after 3 times meeting him, so I started acting more. I'm still living with my boyfriend (Kim) in our own apartment. <3

He is still a stuntman and a stagefighter and I'm stil an Actor, but sometimes I'm at the hospital, but I keep up the good work to be the artist I am and the first kind of them in Denmark. 

Now I'm 19 years old and lots of hell has happend to me besides being handicap, but from one day to another I'm happy and feeling good. My service dog Kaizer is helping me get to know the real me and not just all my status like being a dancer or gymnast, actor or even singer. Yes, I'm also all those things too.

All in all I'm a happy girl with my own family now who has survived a whole life in hell and I'm still smiling. I'm so grateful for my dog and my lovely boyfriend. They are always there for me, and his family and all my friends <3 I'm so thankful to live out my dream and not listen when people say I can't do things <3 

If you want to know more about me and my history, my dog , and my art, just leave a comment, and I would love to share my world with you guys. 


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