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Disabilities Are My Passion

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Lic Vicky Quezada Paez

Working for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities

My name is Vicky Quezada, and I am from the Dominican Repúblic. I became sick with Poliomyelitis when I was 1 year old. My cousins told me when I was teenager that I could do anything that I wanted to, and I really believed it. I studied accounting, I have 2 beautiful daughters, I worked in an institution for people with  disabilities for many years, I was recognized for the City Hall Ministry of Women, and speaker for jobs in favor of people with disabilities in my city.

In 2006 I visited Spain in a cultural exchange in C.R.M.F Salamanca. Now, I collaborate for a project of wheelchair skills that search for the integration of persons with  disabilities in my country. In February of the current year 2017 I was in Mexico taking a training for improving my leadership and wheelchair skills for replicating it in my community. Working for people with disabilities is my passion.

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