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Milan Faith Johnson

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Milan Johnson

Milan Faith Johnson

Milan was born in Rockdale Co. GA, to her parents Eddie and Mandisa Johnson on May 7, 2010. When she was first born, it was discovered that Milan had Trisomy-21, or Down Syndrome. Milan has gone through a lot, in her short life. When she was six-months old, she began having Infantile Spasms. Milan spent the first few days of 2011 in the hospital to be injected with medicine that would help her control the spasms. They went away for a while, but they returned. That is when her neurologist put her on another medicine which took them away for good. We haven't seen Milan have a spasm since December 26, 2012. Milan has also had two sets of ear tubes, had her adenoids removed and in June she will have surgery due to a dislocated hip. Other than that, Milan loves to play with her friends, her brother and sister, read, watch several shows on Sprout, dance and listen to music.

Milan Faith Johnson

Milan is a Kindergartner and LOVES school.

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