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From Active to Paraplegic

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Sipumeze Mba

The Day My Life Changed

My name is Sipumeze Mba aka Spura. I was born In South Africa 🇿🇦  and I was a very happy and active kid. I walked a lot and in general I was very active even though I was never good at any sport. That all changed on the 20th of July 2013.

It was just a normal morning. I went to work as usual using a train.  It was time to exit the train, and that is where my life changed forever. I was trying to enter the train when people started pushing. Others were exiting and entering when I got stuck in between the train.  The train went in motion, and I slipped in-between the train and the platform. The next thing I saw were the doctors and nurses who told me I would never walk again.  I had surgery, and was a paraplegic, which changed everything. Even now it's still painful and I still ask myself long unanswered questions. However, through everything I have learned to be strong and keep moving. That's My Story.


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