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Motivate, Educate, Inspire. "Amp 1 Basketbal"

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Tyler Hyatt

Founder of Amp 1 basketball 🏀

When I was 4 years old, I was riding my bike one summer day and I was hit and dragged 15 yards by a garbage truck. After 20 surgeries and having my heart stop twice, doctors at primary children's hospital saved my life, but I had my left leg above my knee amputated. My life had changed forever in an instant. I had to learn how to walk again but with a prosthetisis and hours of practice. My dad would come home from work and make me put my leg on and walk till dinner time, then walk some more. He told me that word Can't will not be allowed out of my mouth. It was hard and my leg with hurt and throb, but because of all those hours of practice and training, I was able to play sports and do any other activity I wanted. In Junior High I grew to love the competition of basketball. The fast pace of running, passing, & shooting the ball. So I started practicing and playing all the time. I was able to play in Junior High and High School and after High School, I served a mission for my church, and I met another amputee like myself.  We created a stand up "no wheelchair" basketball team and traveled throughout the U.S speaking to schools and playing in charity basketbal games. Now after 7 years we have a team of 12 amputees from all over the country and we play and speak as a 501c3 non profit called Elite Hope.

Our website is www.elitehope.org and you can follow our adventures on Facebook and instagram @Amp1basketball.

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