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Brothersmclaud - Road to Tokyo 2020

חסר תרגום בשפה עברית. מוצגת שפה אנגלית

Maximilian Mc Laudi

Never give up!

Nothing motivates me more than these three words: This is impossible. When I hear that I will do everything to make the impossible possible.

Difficult first steps...

Max and Marcus were born in 1992. We already had issues walking very early on in life so we had to undergo surgery.  You will never be able to walk again: The many complex surgeries took a toll. Unfortunately we lost the ability to walk at the age of 9. We were very frusturated and gained a lot of weight.  You decide your own fate: Thanks to tennis, friends & family we regained our motivation. Despite or especially because of our disability, we wanted to set an example. Goal: 2020 Paralympics!

We travel around the whole world to score the necessary tournament points.

It´s an amazing journey!

On our journey we are already accompanied by more than 7000 followers on freeletics, more than 1600 followers on instagram over the last three months, and we reach more than 2500 people on facebook. But have a look yourself!

Feels good to give something back!

It's an incredible feeling to be able to give something back through our sport. Simultaneously we are currently organizing a tennis training course where other wheelchair users will be participating.

Searching for sponsors!

We are looking for sponsors because the journey to Tokyo 2020 is far and costly. – new sport wheelchairs – tennis gear – travel expenses.

Support us and be part of the journey!

Instagram & Facebook: brothersmclaud

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