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Art Garden CSA Artist Spotlight- Adaptive Art

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Misty Hockenbury

Misty Hockenbury: Larger Than Life

Hi, my name is Misty Hockenbury, and I am an artist and writer. My work is fun and happy! I am a participant in Matheny Medical & Educational Center’s Arts Access Program. My eye-catching paintings represent a unique command of combining colors and shapes. My artwork is bold, exciting and memorable. Bright oranges, yellows, and reds are highlighted in some of my work while other pieces feature softer, muted tones such as green and brown.   

As a visual artist, I excel in both digital art and acrylic painting. In addition, I often add my painting flair to urban vinyl munny dolls. My creations have been displayed at Rutgers University, Full Circle (Arts Access’ annual signature arts event), Visiting Nurse Association, Johnson & Johnson, and The Paper Mill Playhouse. I have also sold a number of original paintings and prints. I often gift some of my artwork to family and friends.  

My interest in art began at a very early age. I came to Matheny when I was eight years old, and started to really like painting when I was 11 years old. Some of my favorite colors include pink, red, blue, and purple. My process is one that has developed over the years and my unique style is completely my own. I tend to go towards very bright vibrant colors and utilize repetitious patterns across my canvasses. I often overlay the wet colors to create color-blending on the canvas.  

The day I start working, I decide on the canvas size and the rollers and brushes. I like to work with big canvases. That’s what I want to work with. I know when I’m done with a piece of art. I can just feel it. I can tell. In addition to art, I have multiple and varied interests. I like going to the movies, cooking, and writing. My writings, which include short stories and poems, have been included in several public literary readings.  

I am excited about one of my most recent ventures - I was one of ten artists chosen to participate in the second year of The Art Garden CSA (Community Supported Art). This innovative project, funded by a generous grant from the Kessler Foundation, is a partnership between Arts Access and Arts Unbound in West Orange. The Art Garden is based on the premise of people buying “shares” of art. Each share contains 10 pieces of art, and all pieces are created by artists with disabilities. The collection of art in this year’s share is a wonderful combination of wearable, functional and traditional contemporary art. Fifty (50) shares are available this year, and can be bought as full (10 pieces) or half (5 pieces) shares. To learn more and to purchase, please visit www.artgardencsa.org.

Arts Access

Matheny’s Arts Access program provides individuals with disabilities with the opportunity to create art without boundaries. Through the use of innovative systems and techniques, clients can take part in the visual, performing and literary arts. Participants choose everything from the paint color and brush stroke to a dance or theatrical movement to the written word. The program makes this possible by bringing participants together with professional artist facilitators. The facilitators consciously maintain a sense of neutrality throughout the creative process. They provide a process for the client artists to create works that are purely their own.

Art Garden CSA

The Art Garden CSA (Community Supported Art) is based on the model of Community Supported Agriculture programs. The community is made up of any individual or group who purchase one of the available shares.  Each share contains ten pieces of art. At organized "pick-up" events, buyers will have the opportunity to meet the artists.   During the year, the featured artists will work with the Art Garden team to take part in vocational practices such as self-promotion, relationship building and social media. CSA, which is a Kessler-supported project, is a partnership between Arts Access and Arts Unbound.

Story Written By: Sonya Kimble-Ellis


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