yoocan - Victoria Jose - A loved person is capable of anything- a life beyond Polio

A loved person is capable of anything- a life beyond Polio

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Victoria Jose

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Hello! My name is Victoria. I'm 24 years old. I had polio when I was one year old. I grew up using a wheelchair, so I don't know what it is like to walk. But I am sure of one thing, I surely know what it is to live. I consider myself a very happy person. God blessed me with a wonderful family. They love me unconditionally. They always believed in me and treated me as a normal person. For that reason I grew up a very confident woman. I have many dreams and I run after my dreams. I do not stop until I achieve them. One of my biggest dream is to become an inspiration for other disabled people. I'm from the African continent. Unfortunately many disabled people are still being treated as disabled and inactive. My main objective is to change that mentality. Parents, love your children, believe in them regardless of their physical condition Don't deprive your child of education just because he/she is in a wheelchair. Life does not stop when we find ourselves in a critical physical condition.. A loved person is capable of anything Let's show more love. Thank you 💕

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