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Beautifully unique

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Tayla Stone

Little bit about me

Hi, I am Tayla. I have been a T12 incomplete paraplegic since my dirt bike accident in 2010. Since then I've struggled with my appearance. I couldn't look at myself in the mirror without breaking down. "16 year olds weren't suppose to look like this, they weren't suppose to be in wheelchairs," that's what was going through my mind constantly. I used to think that I was a fat mess and that I was going to be alone. I didn't want to be seen in public like this. I was embarrassed by my bumps and curves, my pot belly, my muffin top and how fat the top half of my legs looked. I couldn't stand the way the wheelchair made my me look. I wanted to stop feeling ashamed of my appearance, I wanted my confidence back that I once had, I wanted to feel comfortable in my own body again

Fast forwad to 2017 and I was still struggling with my appearance. But I've finally had enough. I had enough of the breakdowns, I've had enough of picking out my flaws, I've had enough of hiding from who I am, I've had enough of society trying to tell me how I should look. We should be embracing our bodies, not hiding and being embarrassed by them. Our bodies are all beautifully different and that's what makes us all unique.


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