yoocan - Jenna Rivera - How Yoga Changed My Life & Helped Cure My Depression
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How Yoga Changed My Life & Helped Cure My Depression

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Jenna Rivera

Go Be Love: Healing Myself With Yoga

My name is Jenna Rivera. I am a right below knee amputee who practices yoga and modified asanas daily. I am not certified in yoga yet, but my hopes are to be able to provide some inspiration for anyone who feels yoga is not accessible or possible. I am here to assure you it is possible. Yoga by definition is the union of mind, body and breath. You don't have to be physically "flexible" to heal your body. You only need a body, a mind and breath!

I have suffered from depression and crippling anxiety ever since I can remember. My amputation is a result of a significant suicide attempt in 1996 when I was 22 years old. I am only here today because I discovered the tools necessary to manage this unbelievable mental, physical and spiritual challenge.

I became an amputee on 5/12/16 and have lived alone since six days after my amputation. I am proud to say I have been 100% pharmaceutical free since 2013 with the exception of the six days I spent in the hospital for my amputation. Go Be Love.


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