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Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful- My Life with Paralysis

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Edna Serrano

Living the beautiful life with Paralysis

My name is Edna, I'm 23 years old and I'm from San Diego, CA. When I was born I was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma tumor on the right side of my back. At only one month old I underwent my first of many surgeries and the prognosis which followed resulted the tumor to affect my T-7 spinal cord vertebrae. Now I am paralyzed from the waist down. With limited mobility, the use of a wheelchair has always been a challenge; however I never let my limitations define me. I learned early on how to be strong, be a survivor, and to set goals beyond anyone’s expectations.  

While dreaming big dreams, I have always felt a love for dancing. Currently I'm one of the members of the Rollettes dance team. I am very supportive of the Rollette's efforts to inspire others and transmit positive energy through song and dance. My biggest aspiration is to show others that living life to the fullest is achievable for anyone, no matter what obstacles you may face. My motto for life-long success is to always believe in yourself!

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