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K. M. Thomas

We Will See

Hello, my name is Kolja and I come from Germany. At the age of 12 I had a spinal cord operation, and after that I continued my life in a wheelchair. I have an incomplete cross-section. Luckily I can feel a lot of my body. As a child, I played wheelchair basketball.

After school I started to study design. I am currently working as a designer at my university. I live my life independently and my car helps me to reach beautiful places. In 2014 I fell ill with breast cancer, an illness which also men can get. I had the usual procedere; chemo and radiation. So far everything seems to be good.

My family and friends have given me a lot of support. I also have a wonderfull and big network. At the beginning of April I celebrated my fortieth birthday. I love good food, beautiful cars, nice design and everything that makes life worth living.

I still have many goals and dreams and so many things in front of me. I have experienced a lot already, but I look forward. Everything seems possible!

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