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Breaking Barriers: A Spinal Cord Injury Story

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Jessica Drury

Spinal Cord Injury To Dancing

My name is Jessica and when I was 16 months old I was run over by a car. This accident caused a t5-t7 incomplete spinal cord injury. I have never let my injury control my life though. I was raised to always be independent and prove everyone wrong. The doctors told me I would never walk again, but I did. I even went one step further and joined a dance team. When I was in high school I was driving home from a family function when my foot fell asleep and never woke up. I had always felt that i could control my injury pretty well but this I could not control.

A New Diagnosis: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

After months of countless tests and doctor appointments I finally got the diagnosis of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. CRPS is a rare disease that causes intense pain after an injury. There is no cure. In March of 2015 my CRPS spread to the other foot. My life was spinning out of control and I stopped going to school and mainly stayed in my bed if I was not at a doctor or therapy appointment. Eventually I was asked to leave school for the rest of the year so I could graduate on time. During that summer I was admitted to a pain program and was able to get my CRPS in remission. I graduated with my class and even went to college on my own. Although my CRPS has come back full force I have never stopped fighting. I may have two life changing injuries but they will never have me.

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