yoocan - שון קראץ' - Can't Crush A Champion- Cerebral Palsy has nothing on me

Can't Crush A Champion- Cerebral Palsy has nothing on me

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שון קראץ'

We Are #MetaHumans

I was born and bred in the city streets of Chicago, IL.  At birth I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, a condition which continues to affect me severely both physically and mentally. After this alarming discovery I was confined to my bed at Children's Memorial Hospital for the early part of my childhood years. Determined not to let this handicap become a hindrance, I learned to channel my pain through music and spoken words.

I continue to express my pain through my witty punchlines and thought provoking lyricism. I have opened for various artist such as, Young Jeezy & Chicago based artist GLC. In 2014, I founded #KnoWAbility, an organization geared towards inspiring mentally and physically challenged individuals. I then released a catalog of demo songs as a catalyst over the internet in which I titled CAN'T CRUSH A CHAMPION VOL.1: LYRICAL ASSASSINATION.

Since VOL.1's initial release, I joined Collegiate D.E.C.A. and began to inspire my peers by winning awards in various state and national business competitions. I have also received letters from both the Wisconsin State Senate & State Represenative commending my commitment to serving the community. Currently, I continue my college education while traveling across the country & abroad to spread my message, inspiration & determination including places such as California, D.C., & Europe. With CAN'T CRUSH A CHAMPION VOL.2: FORBIDDEN FRUIT currently available for download & Physical Therapy Sessions currently in production, it's clearly evident that my undeniable motivation for his music is to inspire underpriveledged handicap children, teens, and adults throughout the nation to Focus on their Dreams, Believe in themselves, & #KnoWAbility

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