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Back to life: My recovery from Septic Shock

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Septic Shock- how it impacted me

My Name is Tina. I am a Swiss born living in Munich, Germany. January, 2014 my life changed drastically from one moment to another. When they took me to the hospital I was diagnosed with Septic Schock with a total failure of all my organs. They put me in a coma for 10 days. My family was told that there was no chance of me staying alive. My children were 12 and 5 at the time. While I was in a coma my father died of lung cancer. When I woke up after 10 days I was not aware of what was yet to come! I just knew I had to fight in order to get back to my family. My unary system, my lung and my kidneys were damaged. Not only had my organs been effected but my hands and feet were too! I was told that they would need to be amputated! I lost my feet, right hand, and half of my left hand. I went through so much pain but still I knew I wanted to go home to my family. 

After 9 months in hospital I finally came home. Six month later my husband left me because he wanted someone who was complete. Still, I believe in myself and continue to fight for myself and my children. I have come to the conclusion that everybody has some kind of fight to overcome. The most important thing is not to give up and to accept everybody as they are and most of all to stand up for your family and weaker ones! Please dont take anything for granted.....

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