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The Girl With One Leg- My journey in accepting my disability

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Mona Stirrup

It started at birth

My name is Easter Stirrup, I am 22 years old and I was born with one leg, a cleft lip and a minor palate. To give you a better understanding of what being born with one leg means, I'll explain. In my case, when I was born my right leg was undeveloped. I had a foot but no leg. I was just a baby so I don't really remember but my family described it as Aladdin's foot. There was my hip then my foot. At 6 months it was amputated. I was lucky enough to have only 1 surgery to repair my cleft and that was at 3 months.


Life as a kid was pretty normal. I got to play kick ball, softball, run track and become a great cheerleader at just 6 years old. I even rode bikes and rollerbladed. My favorite thing to do was ride ATV's though. Of course, I had to deal with people staring and kids making fun of me but honestly, what kid doesn't? I would stare at anyone who shines as bright as I do as well. I didn't like my prostethic because it was hard to walk with and I couldn't get around fast enough so I continued to walk on my forearm crutches.

Grown Up

As an adult now, I still walk on crutches. My second attempt to walk with a prosthetic was at the age of 14 but I still was uncomfortable. Now with a child of my own, I find myself hurting a bit more because I walk on the handle of my crutch and I have to run after my daughter all day. But that pretty much sums of my story.

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