yoocan - Oakley + Tori - 'I am whole'- Limb Difference Awareness
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'I am whole'- Limb Difference Awareness

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Oakley + Tori

He is so much more than that

Our Son, Oakley, was born with one hand and one little arm, I have worded that the way he does. He will not let me tell you that he was born missing anything, we only talk about his limb difference in a positive way. He has a very sensible soul for a two year old. He is also kind, clever, caring, sensitive, cheeky, funny, loving, brave, daring and oh so happy. My wish for him, is for others to always define him by these wonderful characteristics that shine out of him and for people not just to see him as a one-handed boy. He is so much more than that.

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