yoocan - Ashely Collazo - Parking Lot Love as told by Wheelchair Wife
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Parking Lot Love as told by Wheelchair Wife

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Ashely Collazo

We met on the rooftop of a parking lot

What was supposed to be a normal night out on the town with friends, changed my life forever. As I was driving through the parking lot, looking for the rest of our group, one of the girls in the back said "There they are!" I turned to look in their direction and there HE was, sitting in his car looking back at me. In that moment my soul sang and my heart melted. He was the one I'd spend the rest of my life with. We introduced ourselves and even when he pulled out his wheelechair it was as if it didn't even exist. I only saw him in all of his imperfect perfection. Almost 8 years later, here WE are, married for 4 years, buying our first home, preparing for children, and as in love as the moment we locked eyes.


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