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Paralyzed Mum Photo Series

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Karen Alsop

My return to Mt York with my Brave Son

I went into surgery after suffering a herniated disc in my back while on the job as an outdoor education instructor.  Waking up from surgery the next day I found that I was no longer able to walk, or even hold my son. The operation had rendered me into a quadriplegic. When The Heart Project heard my story, they immediately started devising a plan to help make my dream more of a reality.

The Heart Project is all about bringing joy and hope through photography. Von Wong is a conceptual photographer who takes photos that people think are photoshopped. Collaborating with Benjamin made so much sense. Their methods are different, they photoshop images together to create false reality. Their reasons for creating however are the same. They want to make a difference with their work. They tell stories, and in telling those stories hope to bring change to our world. Von Wong scaled the side of a misty mountain to photograph mine and my son's epic adventure. My son and I have a love for adventure, which prompted the theme for the series of three images. Our strong bond was shown, highlighting the mother and son dynamic at play.

*Story submitted by: Karen Alsop

Read more of my story here: https://storyart.com.au/adventuremother/


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