Undiagnosed and Smiling for the past 15 years

Raymond Anganes

Gentle Decline.

A lot of people have trauma associated with their conditions and disabilities. I don't. For me, it was just a gradual decline to the state I'm in today, the only life I know and the one I thank God for everyday.

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When I was younger, every doctor I went to would say they didn't know what was wrong. That hasn't changed. I've been undiagnosed for fifteen years, despite efforts even from the NIH's undiagnosed diseases program. I spend my energy like a strategist so I can continue on with my life, doing too much, like say, walking for half an hour- will put me out for days. I was really able to start moving once I got a Smart-Drive for my chair. It was freeing to be able to move on my own.

And yet here I am.

But I feel like I've adapted. I'm an avid outdoorsman, student of history, and aspiring author. I love shooting sports, and archery has always been my time to clear my mind. Just lately my dad helped me rig up a shotgun holster for my chair, and it's let me move around the range a lot more easily. At the end of the day, we are who we are and that's cause enough to smile.


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