yoocan - Noa & Asaf Gaon - 10 tips for Special Needs Siblings
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10 tips for Special Needs Siblings

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Noa & Asaf Gaon

“My sibling has special needs”: 10 Tips for All Siblings to Follow

1. Include your sibling in your life and daily activities: have your friends meet him; once they accept him, it will be normal for everyone. 

2. Let your feelings be free… Even if this means being sad, angry or hurt.

3. Talk openly about your feelings: Try not to hide them or this can lead to a feeling that your insides are eating you. It is very important to tell your parents how you are feeling.

4. Don’t let judgments or what others say influence your relationship with your sibling.

5. Take part in their bubble and world… it is fun!

6. Have pre-made, quick and funny answers for upsetting questions that others may ask. For example: “What is wrong with him?” Answer: “Nothing’s wrong, he’s perfect to me.”

7. Enjoy your sibling’s benefits, such as not standing in line at amusement parks & free parking 🙂

8. Don’t think about what will happen to your sibling in the future. That is your parents’ job. Just enjoy each day!

9. Spend as much time as possible with your sibling. It will build your relationship and your confidence.

10.  In the beginning, it is fine to feel ashamed! We promise that in time, what others think and/or say will not bother you anymore. 

And always remember there may be some shock at first. But, after you are over the initial shock, cherish the family journey that you are on and know that you will learn and take away so many amazing things. Everyone is special in their own way, even you!


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