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Age and disability is no barrier

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David Bale

Training Hard

I am a 44 year old male who has experienced a range of both physical and neurological symptoms over the last 5 years. I have a neurological condition of unknown origin with MS-like symptoms, however, I will not be defined by my condition and fight against it everyday. This is why I train 4 pool sessions and 3 gym sessions per week to allow me to compete in both amateur and masters swimming competitions as an 'S9' classified swimmer.

5 Golds S9 Swimming

I recently competed at the World Masters Games in New Zealand coming away with 5 gold medals from 5 individual swims. My dedication to the sport has allowed me to qualify for open nationals providing me the opportunity to race against the best multi-class swimmers in the country with the majority being less than half my age.

Working Hard

In addition to this I regularly use my dual Ankle Foot orthosis to hold me stable enough to build a retaining wall with my wife. Nothing will stop me, slow me a little, make me innovative, but never stop me!

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