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Life Is Not Always Like A Movie: Autism in Highschool

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In movies, there is always a happy ending. The boy gets the girl. The nerd becomes the CEO. The awkward girl becomes prom queen. But life is not always like a movie. Tomorrow is Cade’s last day of high school. When he was young we had hopes of college and a career. That he would just have the quirky/genius kind of autism. You know, the kind Bill Gates supposedly has. But life is not a movie. He has a hard time focusing. He has a hard time making friends or even wanting friends. He has a hard time with organization and navigating life without our help. BUT we love him. He loves Kirk and I and enjoys spending time with us. He has a soft heart for animals and can’t stand to see them suffer in any way. He can put together any IKEA piece of furniture like a pro. He can memorize movies. He knows every character, the actors names that play each character and other films each actor has previously been in. He has a child like faith. He works out more than anyone that I know….and I know people that work out a lot. He is kind. He is considerate. He is our son and we love him. Happy last few days of school, Cade. We love you.

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