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Sasha's journey

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Jessica + Sasha McCue

Our medical journey living with the CMV virus!

My daughter Sasha was born with a virus called CMV. This virus caused her to have multiple disabilities including Cerebral Palsy, hearing loss, and seizures. She also has a tons of sensory issues and has lots of anxiety daily. When Sasha was first born she spent the first 6 months of her life in the NICU fighting to live! The first time I saw her she was hooked to so many tubes and wires I barely recognized her. From there I would learn more about the devastating long term health effects the CMV virus would do to Sasha's poor little body. Sasha did not crawl till almost two years old. She walked with a walker for the first time at 3 years old. 

She never let's her disability stop her and she is the happiest little girl I know, always smiling. We started a YouTube channel almost two years ago all about our life living with Sasha's disabilities and what life can be like. If anyone would like to check it out it is called Sasha's Special Channel. We like to share our medical journey so maybe we can help some one else who is going through the same snuggle and could use some help.

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