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Wrong diagnosis for 30 years- Poliomyelitis

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Aminata Diarra

Healing Myself

My name is Aminata. When I was a child, I was given a vaccination and became paralyzed! They thought it was Poliomyelitis, and performed a lot of surgeries on my body. I was told that I would not live to be older than 30!

Some years ago I started Trauma therapy and I have learned to understand that if something bad happened to you (especially as a child) and you were separated from your body, mind and soul - you must choose to survive! Now, my job is to put my life back together piece by piece.

After traveling back to my past, it's clear that I never had Poliomyelitis! Everything they told me or did to me was wrong!

The hardest part of my healing has been to forgive the doctors and to find my inner peace with my past! Forgiveness (let it go) is absolutely the key for fast healing.  Now, I start to walk slowly and there is no medical explanation for that!

Healing, wonder, miracle however you call it, is around us. Please never forget that life will never give you a destiny you can't bear! Life is and will still be an adventure! That's why you should dream big and never give up.

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