yoocan - Kyle Taulman - RACING DOWN THE MOUNTAIN
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Kyle Taulman

My real passion is ski racing

Hi! My name is Kyle Taulman. When I was younger around the age of 2, I had a cancerous tumor wrap around my spinal cord and it completely shut it off. This incident left me as a T10 paraplegic and it also left me with stage 3 neuroblastoma. When I moved to Steamboat Springs my life changed. My mom took over as the executive director of the adaptive program in town called STARS and I started to learn how to ski and participate in other sports. Now, I am 14 years old and I have played basketball on the able-bodied team at my school, as well as swimming, wake-boarding, biking, and many others. Though my real passion is ski racing, this past season I competed in my first IPC race and have started to make a name for myself in the adaptive racing world. I hope to someday represent my country on a world stage at the winter Paralympic Games and also to try to make it to the summer Paralympic Games for a different sport!


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