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I Love My Extraordinary Life Without Limbs

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I'm as independent as they come Despite My Missing Limbs

My name is Diane, I live in Staten Island, NY and I was born with Tetra-Amelia Syndrome, which is essentially when you're born without the lower limbs or in some cases without any limbs. As you can see from the photos I posted, I'm without all four lower limbs. I love my extraordinary life!

I'm as independent as they come. I'm able to care for myself in terms of dressing, showering, doing my hair, and make up. I love to cook and prepare all meals for my family, I'm able to feed myself, drive, write, and lots more.

I was blessed to find an extraordinary man who was made just for me and together we were blessed with two beautiful gifts from God. I carried both children full term, and delivered both C-Section.

Comfortable Without Limbs

As a young teen I was given two opportunities to have surgeries of all four limbs, and at the time my parents allowed me to decide because it was something that would effect me forever. There were no guarantees that it would be successful, and there would be years of therapy and rehabilitation.

I opted out. I felt very comfortable in how I came into this world. I knew I'd one day live a wonderful life because I knew all I was capable of accomplishing. As a young girl, I had tried prosthetics in all limbs but that was short lived. I found them to be too cumbersome, and finally decided not to use them.

I found that with the body I was given, I was able to do so much more with what I had, and I did. I dated, went to bars and clubs, graduated with a Masters Degree in Rehab Counseling, and I'm certified in ASAC. I found the love of my life, left my job to be a stay at home mom, and have a wonderful family. I WOULDN'T CHANGE A THING!

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