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Believe in yourself

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Dmitry Cheshev

My injury

Hello! I'm Dmitry from Russia. I'm 27 years old now. 6 years ago I suffered a spinal cord injury. I was a sportsman. I did a flip and broke my neck (C7). I was the student of the last course at university at that time. I graduated university the next year in wheelchair and started my PhD.

My fighting

I know that many people around the world live in a wheelchair, but I don't want to live in a wheelchair. I want to walk again. I spend all my time and all my strengths to learn to walk again. I'm training 9 hours every day. I have a big problem with spasticity. It was very strong and I was implanted with a baclofen pump in 2012. But it often broke, broke through the skin and was rejected. I suffered 10 operations in the following 4 years. I don't have a pump now and fight with spasticity by myself. Now I can stand and walk a little with a frame.

Sharing my experience

My way to walking again is very long and difficult. But I believe in myself and believe that I'll walk again. I started to share my experience how to believe in yourself with other people. I tell people about my story of fighting for walking again and give practical advice how to believe in yourself. My strong faith in myself allows me to keep fighting and I want to help people believe in themselves also.

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